Wineries in the Great State of Ohio

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Northwest Ohio 

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Southwest Ohio

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"For me the ideal date would be to drink wine in the backyard under the stars, listen to music and just talk. Then we'd eat steak and, later, dessert. If all went as planned, we'd save some of the dessert and play with it while making out."

Karen McDougal

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Winery Quickie

  Vino Tapping

Cabernet in a keg? You may find it, now that more restaurants and wine bars are serving vino on tap, just like beer. Restaurateurs say tapping makes sense: There are no bottles, corks or cartons, which reduces costs and recycling. And kegged wine remains unspoiled because the inert gas used to push the drink through the line protects it without affecting taste. Andrew Bell of the American Sommelier Association says taps may "revolutionize" wine stewards' role: "We have an opportunity to lower the carbon footprint and deliver more value to our guests."

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