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Ohio is blessed with some of the best weather and even better soil for growing the wonderful grapes that go into making Ohio wines.  From the Lake Erie island region all the way down to the hills along the Ohio River, Ohio is perfect for growing grapes!

Who doesn’t enjoy tasting a great glass of wine?  How about combining that with finding a fabulous place that has created that wine?  There are wonderful wineries all over this great state of Ohio.  Join us on this adventure of discovery by checking into our site frequently.

Dripping Sweat in Ohio

The hot dry summer should lead to some very sweet grapes this year. And we are fast approaching that time!!


Wineries - We Want to Hear from YOU !!

If you don't see your winery listed on our Wineries in Ohio page, please let us know. We want to make sure every winery and vineyard in Ohio is listed.


Red, Red Wine by DelacorrHaunted Wine by ~kamikaze6Wine_by_LillemorGull
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Good Wine

Good Wine maketh good blood,
Good blood causeth good humors,
Good humors cause good thoughts,
Good thoughts bring forth good works,
Good works carry a man to heaven;
Ergo, Good wine carrieth a man to heaven.


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"Wherefore ye shall know them by their Fruits. The good vine bears good wine"

Matthew 7:16 - The Novice Winer Blog

Grapes on the Vine

My Wine Connection

Still a novice when it comes to wine? Don't worry, you're not alone in the valley of the vine. Read the wine blog - The Novice Winer.

My Wine Connection is your Wine Connection for reading more about wine and finding great wineries in Ohio.

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Ohio Grapes

Ohio has some of the finest soil and weather for growing grapes - giving Ohio wines the unique flavors that you cannot find anywhere else.

"Always carry a corkscrew and the wine shall provide itself."

Basil Bunting

Old Ohio Wine Label
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